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We specialize in compassion.

• AJ Spadafora Funeral Home is family owned & operated.
• Since 1960 we have provided memorable funerals for many in our community & surrounding towns.
• We work with you on cost planning & customization that is affordable to honor your loved one. 
• Our funeral home has earned accolades and acclaim for its tireless effort to exceed your expectations.
• We would love to take care of your loved one & leave you with a beautiful memory of honoring their life.

Helpful Resources


Flowers honor the life of those who pass away and bring comfort to those grieving. We recommend these local florists that will help convey a message of hope, signify compassion, love and warmth.


Burial benefits in a VA national cemetery include gravesite, headstone or marker, opening and closing of the grave, and perpetual care. Many national cemeteries have columbaria or gravesites for cremated remains.


The deceased must have credit for work covered by Social Security ranging from 1 1/2 to 10 years depending on age at death. This checklist is to help you file your Social Security benefits to receive payments. 

Charitable Organizations

Families ask for donations due to a special love the deceased had for that cause, to fund research into a disease they had, or even because they expressed a wish before their death for support of this charity. 



“We were almost positive we’d exceed our budget. But after discussing some options with your funeral director, we felt completely at ease. Thank you for making it all possible.”

— Ben S.

“I was so pleased with the service I received. The funeral was elegant & a great tribute to my dad. —Jan E.”

— Jan E.

“My associate recommended your services when he was so happy with how you took care of his grandfathers viewing & funeral. I called & I knew right away how you put me at ease that you were really there for us. Everything was smooth & wonderful. Thank you!”

— Steven D.

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